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Blog — Sweet Beginnings Collection

Raising the Bar, Not the Price

Way back yonder in the olden days when the modern pocket diaper was just invented the insert of choice was a regular old pre-folded diaper. As you can imagine, this made for an awfully bulky diaper and a big diaper booty. Fitting clothing over those diapers was impossible.

It All Started With FuzziBunz®

As FuzziBunz gained in popularity I started looking for alternatives to pre-fold diapers. I knew I needed something that would absorb a lot of liquid and yet be trim as well. FuzziBunz was the first diaper brand to introduce “Microfiber” inserts. The term “insert” did not even exist prior. Inserts of microfiber have been the standard for many pocket diapers on the market since then.

Going All Natural

When it came time to rebrand FuzziBunz I didn’t want to change what was working, but wanted to accentuate what was. After listening to an overwhelming majority of our cloth diapering parents ask for organic or more natural materials as well as offer their distain for microfiber I decided to go ahead and look at the hemp/cotton option as a standard feature for FuzziBunz. Admittingly, I hated microfiber too.

Better Quality, Same Price

Initially I was a bit concerned that the price would have to be higher as organic fibers are not cheap. I was also concerned that they would not absorb as well as microfiber. But after a lot of due diligence, testing and fabric sourcing it was decided that an ORGANIC HEMP / COTTON BLEND would be the perfect addition to FuzziBunz. Why?
  • Less odor
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Less compression leaking (liquid squeezing out of the insert under compression)
  • Trimmer under clothing
  • Absorbs an incredible amount of liquid (yes, I was surprised)
  • Even when doubled there is not much added bulk
Did it cost more? Yes, a little bit. But we did not want to nickel and dime our customers so we decided to keep our pricing the same as it has always been, only the VALUE of the product has been increased. We hope you like the positive changes we have made to pocket diapers - I know I do. 

What Sweet Beginnings Are Made Of

You have often heard entrepreneurs referring to their creations  as their “baby,” and that is a very accurate comparison.  Babies grow up, they go through adolescence  and eventually  leave the nest. I started FuzziBunz as a young mother (28) and it was born out of a need for a better diapering solution to help heal my son’s raw and rash-prone bottom. It was the love for my own children that birthed the brand and I suppose you could say we all grew up together. In the beginning I did what every mother would do for her own child. I nurtured it, encouraged it and I watched it grow. I cheered it on during its brightest moments, and cradled it during its lowest points. . There were many sleepless nights to be had, especially in the early years when nursing a baby and nursing a business were simultaneous. For 13 years I lived and breathed FuzziBunz, all while raising my 3 real life children on my own.  The “adolescent” stage was certainly the most challenging. Then comes young adulthood. There comes a time in every parent’s life when they need to let go and allow their children to sow their own oats and find their way all by themselves. And I am sure every parent can relate to the self-consciousness one feels when their children DON’T turn out as they had hoped; when they run into problems; when they make bad choices, etc. It is all too easy to blame ourselves as parents for what went wrong. We only HOPE that once we let go that we have guided them, nurtured them and have instilled enough wisdom in them that they are OK without us right there, holding their hands. In 2013 it had come time for me to let go and allow my baby (FuzziBunz) that I had nurtured for 14 years to move on and either blossom and thrive or fall flat on its face.  My oldest child, Sarah, was graduating and also leaving the nest. I felt I had taken FuzziBunz as far as I could possibly have taken it on my own, with no investors or partners to help me.  I was a single parent of 3 kids in real life and I was a single parent of FuzziBunz as well. Many people don't realize I was a one woman show running a 3 Million Dollar company. So I did exactly that, I let it go and hoped that all of my hard work I had put into it would pay off under the guidance and care of others that might have known better.  I did what I felt was “in the best interest of the child.” While my daughter (now 20) thrived on her own with all that I had taught her, FuzziBunz did not. I had to sit on the sidelines (as many parents do) and just watch and wait for that fateful moment when that child returns home and asks for your help because they can’t seem to figure it out on their own.  That is exactly what happened with FuzziBunz (details spared). In December of 2014 I was able to pick up my baby - now a little bit on the beat - up side, and somewhat depressed after its year of struggle and failure -  and give it the love and nurturing it deserved once more. BUT……. FuzziBunz wasn’t the only part of this equation that had changed: so did I. I had a lot of time to reflect on my parenting skills. What did I do wrong? What did I do right? What mistakes would I never repeat again? And what - if given a second chance -  would I most certainly do differently? Now being an older and wiser parent from a business perspective was one thing, but being an older and wiser parent needing to “cloth diaper” was another. I didn’t have a baby in cloth diapers anymore. My real life baby was 13 years old! I had also been out of the diaper industry for almost a year and so I was somewhat out of touch (intentionally).  What had changed in the world of cloth diapers, and in the world of parenting in general? Clearly there was research to be done, so we went to the very source – the parents themselves. This is who we do everything for (and their babies of course) and this is the lifeblood of our company.  The result???? A whole new FuzziBunz that encompasses quality, durability, functionality and fashion and a company that can now grow and meet the needs of the very people that make it possible for it to exist in the first place. For that...I am truly grateful. Parents are typically given one shot at child rearing. You learn as you go and hopefully apply lessons learned with the first child to the second and so on. Not many entrepreneurs are given the luxury that I was given to take stock of a situation and walk back in and make it better. I get a do-over.  How lucky am I?? Very. It has been 6 months in gestation but in that short timeframe a new company was built, a new and exceptional team established, a complete product makeover completed and a product launch in full swing.  6 months has passed in the blink of an eye and just like parenting a newborn, I have loved every minute of it. Our new collection has been aptly and meaningfully named the “Sweet Beginnings” collection for a reason.  Babies mark the beginning of life, which is always sweet, and we wanted to capture that essence in our new line. But it is also about the new and very sweet beginnings of a new brand, new company and new opportunity for me as an entrepreneur and I plan on cherishing it, valuing it and making my partner, team, family and loyal FuzziBunz fans proud. I cannot wait for July 6th. The anticipation is incredible for all of us here at FuzziBunz, and I hope you’re just as excited to see what’s in store. Thank you for sticking it out with me on this long and crazy journey! The future is looking sweet indeed!! Tereson - Single mother of 3 and FuzziBunz Diapers Sweet Beginnings Are Made Of | Diapering Solution