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FuzziBunz |  Easy To Use Diapers

The FuzziBunz Story


A Better Diapering Solution for Diaper Rash

The FuzziBunz® story begins in 1999 when a young mother, set out to solve her infant son's constant and chronic diaper rash. She tried every ointment and diaper known and still was at an impasse.

She went to work by researching the latest breathable, yet waterproof textiles - similar to mountain climbing and foul weather gear - and invented a product that kept her son's skin dry and eliminated the rash once and for all. 


Meet the tried and true original FuzziBunz® pocket diaper:

  • Stuff the pocket with absorbent insert. Snap on baby. Wash. Re-Use. Repeat.
  • Stain-resistant fleece to quickly wick away moisture from baby
  • A pocket to house absorbent material – and clean thoroughly
  • Laminated material that allows air to pass through – but not liquids
  • Two rows of durable snaps to quickly adjust leg openings and waist


Little did she realize at the time that her design of the first fleece-lined, pocket-style reusable diaper would be an invention that would put the entire modern cloth diapering industry in motion!



Our take on quality: There is no substitute for reliable product quality. Period.


FuzziBunz Today

FuzziBunz |  Easy To Use Diapers

FuzziBunz® Adjustable Cloth Diapers have undergone many changes and challenges over the years and have re-emerged as a tried and true product. A full year was spent in development, researching and testing to design the perfect diaper that would not only fit beautifully but function perfectly as well. The result? A sizing system that allows parents to select just the right fit for their baby's size, weight, stage of development and body type. We have come to realize after 15 years in the cloth diaper industry that One Size really does NOT fit all, so we have developed the perfect solution.


Beginning with the classic and favored designs, the slow and deliberate process of redesigning what many consider to be the perfect cloth pocket diaper begun. However, pattern and structural changes, strict material specifications, detailed manufacturing process requirements, etc., are not enough to make a good diaper great. The new diapers needed to be tested with real babies and real parents for fit, comfort, and performance. Months of fitting, revising, remaking, re-fitting, etc. ended only when the company became confident that the result would be the best cloth diapering product available.