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Why The First Year Adjustable Diaper is Perfect For You!

Why The First Year Adjustable Diaper is Perfect For You!

Many of our customers have expressed their sadness at the discontinuation of the Perfect Size FuzziBunz diaper. Some say that they truly do offer the “perfect fit:” trim and slim and easy to pop on and off. And we share your sadness, and agree that they were a great product, but there is a reason why the Perfect Size aren’t selling anywhere near as well as our new First Year Adjustable diapers (which are now our best-selling diaper!).

Our First Year Adjustable diapers are designed to fit children from about 6 - 24 pounds, or approximately newborn - 18 months. This means that you are able to size the diapers to the equivalents of our Newborn Perfect Size, Small Perfect Size, and the smaller end of our Medium Perfect Size diapers! This also means that it will save you a lot of money since you don’t have to keep sizing up like you would need to with our Perfect Size diapers.

The First Year Adjustable diapers are nice and trim in the crotch - no more spread-eagle babies who can’t close their legs due to a bulky diaper! This also offers more flexibility to the kiddos who are starting to move and groove. They have the same super soft interior fleece, sturdy PUL, and strong snaps that the Perfect Size diapers do, with the added benefit of fitting your baby perfectly at multiple stages and sizes.

Our Adjustable diapers are the most customizable multi-size diapers in the industry, 3-times more to be exact! This is due to our Fantastic Elastic® system. The waist and leg elastics are fully adjustable to give your child the most perfect fit for his or her individual body type. This means security and protection against leaks. They are also fully removable so that when the elastics finally wear out, you don’t have to throw the whole diaper away or spend frustrating amounts of time ripping seams and sewing new elastics in! Simply take the old elastics out, put fresh ones in, and your diaper comes back to springy, well-fitting life!

If you are unsure as to whether or not our First Year Adjustable diapers will work for you, now is a great time to try them at a fantastic price! Our 6-pack bundles are on sale and come with a free diaper tote. Check them out today!

Date Night After Your Baby Is Born

Date Night After Your Baby Is Born

Do you remember how you and your partner were before you had children? Did you go out regularly? Did you talk deep into the night? Was your romance spontaneous, passion-filled, and... regular? There is no denying that bringing a child into your life will change your relationship with your partner in some way. Not only have you chosen to devote much of your time and attention to this new Life, but the hormonal shifts that happen during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum can have a huge impact on your desire for intimacy. Even so, it is important that you and your partner make time to be with one another without children present, so that you can re-connect and begin to re-cultivate your relationship. Understand that this does not mean that your time together has to involve sex (although it certainly can if you're ready for it)! Many women do not crave sexual connection for months, even years after childbirth due to decreased levels of estrogen and testosterone and increased levels of prolactin (especially if they are breastfeeding), which reduce libido. So what do you do to re-kindle the flame? Try to make a regular date night. Set up a flexible schedule with someone you know and trust who can come and watch your baby for a couple of hours once every week or so to give you and your partner the time you need (and deserve) to connect. Understandably it can be hard to leave your baby with someone for the first time. Realize that there is no specific timeframe for when to begin implementing date nights into your life, so if you feel at some point that you aren't ready, don't force yourself. If it makes you feel too afraid or emotional to do so, then be okay with that and try again at a later date. After all, the point of date night is to relax and enjoy yourself! The first few times you go out, you do not have to venture too far from home. Take a walk around your neighborhood, sit and talk at your local coffee shop or park, or even just hang out in your own backyard while your baby and caregiver bond inside. If you are comfortable leaving for longer periods of time, go see a movie, have a leisure dinner at your favorite restaurant, or visit an attraction you've been longing to see. There are no rules for date night! When the time comes where you would like to be intimate, try to arrange for your baby's caregiver to take him/her out for a little while so you can stay home and settle in to familiar surroundings. Breathe in the gratitidue for being given this time to bond with your loving partner, and breathe out your intentions to create a stronger, more unified connection. Do you and your partner go out regularly? What do you do? How long after having your child(ren) did you feel comfortable leaving for a couple of hours?

Staying Comfy During Pregnancy

You have just peed on a stick, or dunked the stick in pee, and saw the little plus-sign or smiley face, or "PREGNANT" sign appear indicating that you are indeed "with child." Surely a range of emotions burst forth from within: excitement, nervousness, perhaps a sprinkle of terror for a nanosecond or two, and you take a deep breath and prepare for the next nine (or ten) months of pregnancy bliss. Only, it ain't always so blissful. While it's true that some women breeze through pregnancy with nary a sneeze, there are many more of us who suffer from some form of discomfort at one point or another. Thankfully, there are things you can do, both before you get pregnant and during, that may help to alleviate some of these uncomfortable situations. 1. Morning Sickness Obviously this is going to be the number one complaint that pregnant women have, because - let's face it - who the heck likes to be nauseous and possibly vomiting daily for three or four (or more) months? Certainly not me! This does not have to be part of your pregnancy, however, and depending on how willing you are to ensure that this does not happen may play a large role in whether or not you manage to escape it. First, let's remember that a little more than half of all women will experience some form of morning sickness during pregnancy. These are pretty balanced odds (hehe) that actually made me feel better about the chances of experiencing it, as opposed to if the statistics were more like 90%. Some things you can do before you ever even get pregnant (if you have made the decision to try to become pregnant) are to start getting yourself as healthy as possible. This means consuming lots of rich mineral broths, plenty of green, leafy vegetables (preferably organic, but do the best you can), pasture-raised meats, and dairy from grass-fed cows (or goats or sheep). Look into high-quality supplements that will boost your Vitamins A, D, and K-2 such as fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil (I use this brand: And probably one of the most important supplements to take before you get pregnant is Magnesium. Magnesium is a natural relaxant and is a critical nutrient that many of us are deficient in. Eating sea vegetables or nettles, and taking Magnesium supplements are the best ways to boost your levels. You can buy Magnesium drinks, use mag oil transdermally, or take concentrated trace mineral drops, all of which will help to decrease your chances of experiencing morning sickness. Even if you are already pregnant, doing the aforementioned nutritional boosts can still help to lessen or eliminate morning sickness, though it may be more difficult to do since your body is already using up your nutrient stores to feed your growing baby. Additional suggestions for combating morning sickness is to eat plenty of protein throughout the day, especially before bed, and first thing in the morning. If you are having a hard time keeping anything down, making sure to hydrate and nourish yourself with bone broths, soups, and fresh juices (especially with ginger added) can be very healing and comforting. 2. Sore Breasts Hormonal shifts which raise estrogen and progesterone levels cause breasts to enlarge, and increase blood flow to the breast tissues. Because of this, your breasts may become sore, swollen, and sensitive to touch. Thankfully, you can try a few things to make things a bit more comfortable for you. Wear a soft, supportive bra. Reducing breast movement during times of soreness will greatly reduce discomfort. Sports bras are a wonderful option for those who do not like underwires, and can even be worn at night. Make sure that your bras are the proper fit, otherwise they make things worse. If need be, visit your local lingerie shop for a professional fitting. Taking a warm bath or shower is another way to pamper yourself while alleviating some of the discomfort of sore breasts. Water can be highly therapeutic, especially when you make it a relaxing experience. Soften the lighting, light an aromatherapy candle or add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and allow yourself to luxuriate for a few moments before stepping back into reality. You can also use coconut or olive oil to do a breast massage. This may or may not be helpful depending on how sensitive your are to touch, but if you are able to it can provide some much-needed relief. 3. Fatigue We're not talking "Oh, I feel a bit tired today." We're talking about head-bobbing, slumped over your shopping cart at the grocery store exhausted. It takes a LOT of energy to create another human being, and it can be very difficult to feel peppy and spritely when it seems that all of your zest has been drained into a pool of oblivion. If you are suffering from morning sickness or an iron-deficiency, and/or are anxious and stressed, fatigue is almost inevitable. To combat this as much as possible, make sure you get adequate rest. I know, I know. You may be thinking "Duh," but for women who are working full-time, or have other children to take care of during the day, taking a nap when you feel you really need it can be almost impossible. Go to bed early at night, and if you get an opportunity to take a nap during the day, take it! Drinking plenty of fluids, eating healthful foods, and getting some daily exercise will all help to keep your energy levels up. While you may still be tired for the first trimester or two (or three), doing the above should at least assist in increase your energy somewhat and keep you from feeling like a snail in molasses in January. 4. Frequent Urination There really isn't any escaping this one. As your uterus grows, the bladder begins to get a little crowded and you will likely find yourself visiting the Ladies Room a bit more (or a LOT more) than you normally would. During the day, it is necessary to stay hydrated for all of the above reasons (plus, it's just good for you!) so you probably won't be able to control how often you have to pee. If it keeps you awake at night, however, you may want to cut back on your intake of fluids a few hours before bed so that you won't hear the toilet beckoning to you. And if worse comes to worse, you can always buy one of our Pregnancy-sized FuzziBunz Cloth diapers so you don't have to get up so much! That last part was a joke. But don't-cha think it would be kind of handy?? ...Anyone? 5. Cravings and Food Aversions I'm a total foodie, and there weren't really too many foods that caused my stomach to turn when I was pregnant, but one night a friend of mine was making soup of some sort in the crockpot and I could smell it through the walls of my bedroom (where I tend to hibernate when feeling less than stellar), and I wished I had a fan that would blow the smell out of the bedroom because it was literally making me feel ill. A vast majority of pregnant women will experience food aversions, and it's important that you allow yourself some leeway when it comes to when, what, and how you eat. You may be fine with red meat one day and the next you want to throw it out the window. That's fine! Eat it on the days when you want it, and find something else on the days when you don't. It IS important to get protein into your body while your pregnant, and this is the challenge for many women because for some reason protein seems to cause the most sour faces in pregnancy. Try to find times each day when you can be OK with protein, whether it is in the form of meat, eggs, or raw dairy. On the opposite side of things are food cravings. You've all heard the pregnant woman (and apparently there are like, 2 million of them) who craved ice cream and pickles - together - throughout her pregnancy. Well, maybe some women do crave pickles and ice cream. Or maybe you crave a giant meat-ball sub, toasted golden and oozing with mozzarella cheese (this was my craving, and nobody ever got me one!)... or perhaps yours was grapefruit juice with chocolate chip cookies. Whatever your cravings are, it is important to realize that sometimes these cravings are a sign that your body needs a particular nutrient, vitamin, or mineral. It is also important to realize that the protein that you might get from a McDonald's cheeseburger is not the same as the protein you'll get from a homemade grassfed burger. And getting a little sugar from a Butterfinger (oh man I used to love those) is not the same as some whole fat yogurt with a dollop of raw honey. Allow yourself the occasional indulgence when you crave something wicked, but keep the majority of your food intake healthful. After all, you are eating for two! What was your pregnancy experience like? Did you suffer from any of the above? And please... tell me about your food cravings (I love hearing about those).

Do You Want Another Baby?

I caught Baby Fever around 2006. My husband and I had been together for almost two years, and I knew that we were going to stick it out until we were two old farts spraying kids off the lawn with the garden hose (okay, my husband will probably do that... I'll bake them cookies and knit them sweaters). He wasn't quite into the idea yet, and for any woman who has the primal urge to procreate, but has a partner who isn't sure about it, you know that the disappointment can be intense and the urge to persuade your significant other is great. And I did try to persuade... quite often and with gusto. Eventually, he warmed to the idea, so we began trying. And trying. And trying. For the next two years, we never used protection and I did "Happy Baby Pose" to try and direct the flow of sperm, and I rubbed the Goddess' belly in our local metaphysical store, and visualized my big, happy pregnant self over and over again .... but nothing. I was trying too hard, and it wasn't happening. In November 2008, I learned about charting your cycles to pinpoint ovulation. So I tried it, and miraculously within a month I was pregnant! Our daughter was born in a hospital (induced/epidural/episiotomy) in October 2009, and while the hospital portion of the labor and delivery was not at all what I had wanted, once we got home I could finally focus on bonding and creating a connection with this beautiful soul. Baby Fever: BROKEN. For the first year. I didn't get my period back until Maya was 19 months old, and by that time I was chomping at the bit to get pregnant again. After discussing our sporadic moving habits, our frequent job changes, and our general wanderlust however, we decided that it probably wasn't the best time to try conceiving again. We had almost accepted and become comfortable with only having one child, though we both had siblings and reminisced about how much fun (and how many fights) we had with them growing up. Didn't we want that for Maya? Would she be "missing out" if she was an only child? Or would that just mean more attention and love just for her? We never really figured out the answer to those questions because in September of 2012, after being only 3 days late for my Moontime, I decided to buy a pregnancy test just to reassure myself that I was definitely not pregnant. As it turns out, I definitely was pregnant according to that blinding "+" sign in the little test window . Sophia was born at home after a very quick 2.5 hour labor, one day after we moved in to our very first mortgaged house. The birth went wonderfully smooth, but was followed by a horrendous bout of mastitis, which reoccurred (though to a much less degree) a few months later.  Aside from that ordeal, things have gone pretty well. Having two children has it's benefits for sure: they can keep each other occupied. They are eachother's best friends, even though they can also be eachother's worst enemies. The younger learns so much from the oldest (and yes, there can be a few downsides to that, but for the most part it's great), and the oldest protects the youngest. Having two (or more) children can also be more exhausting. Resources must be doubled (clothing, food, toys, etc) though breastfeeding, growing some of your own food (if you have the time, know-how, and/or desire),  purchasing used clothes or using hand-me-downs from siblings or friends with children, and keeping the toy situation simple and easy can really make a huge difference in how overwhelming acquiring and maintaining those resources can become. Our youngest daughter is about to turn 2. I haven't gotten my period back yet, and honestly this time I'm fine with that even though it would be useful to begin charting again. As of this moment, I am firm in my decision that I do not want any more children. I love my daughters immensely, and I am so grateful that they exist here with us, but I feel like I am done with that part of raising children from sprout to beautiful flower. My daughters are still young; the youngest still breastfeeds, and my oldest nursed until her 3rd birthday so I have to be prepared that Sophia may do the same. Maya actually would have nursed longer, but I was pregnant with Sophia then and I simply was not physically comfortable sharing my body anymore. I love that I chose to breastfeed my daughters, but I am getting to that point where I want my body back. I want to sleep through the night and feel truly rested in the morning. I want to be able to leave the girls with a relative for the weekend while my husband and I take off on a romantic excursion somewhere along the coast. Do You Want Another Baby? | Pregnancy Care I am grateful for these experiences, and I would not change it for anything (and I mean ANYTHING). I take joy in watching our girls grow and develop their own personalities; I love snuggling with them and comforting them and playing with them; and I love their beautiful energy that is tangible whether they are sleeping or creating a gigantic mess. That being said, I do not want to go through the process of pregnancy, or taking care of a newborn and then a toddler all over again. The direction that I am heading in life, and the person who I am, needs more time for creativity, passion, and freedom, and with each passing year it seems to get a little easier, and I seem to become a little more relaxed, and excited even, knowing that little by little I am more and more free to pursue what I have longed to pursue. I am not a woman who can devote her entire life to raising children. I know some woman who are, and they are some of the most patient, loving, nurturing women I've ever met. I can be patient, and I can be extremely loving and nurturing, but I want to focus more time and attention on me. And I want my girls to grow up knowing that it is okay, and necessary to focus attention on yourself sometimes; that by nurturing yourself you are better able to nurture others; and to spend time doing the things you're passionate about. Some women can do that while raising a lot of children, and others choose not to. I am choosing not to, and I'm okay with that. How many children do you have? Do you want more? Why, or why not?

Moontime Empowerment

Growing up as a pre-teen/teenager in the 90's, my attitudes and ideas surrounding menstruation were by and large formed by various media outlets, health class at school, and by fellow peers who were only slightly more knowledgeable than I was about the function of the female reproductive system (which isn't saying much). My mom and I didn't really talk about menstruation much. She may have mentioned that at a certain point in every young girl's life, she will begin bleeding from her vagina. It's called a period, and it's normal. Health class went over the clinical aspects of how it happened. Stephen King's movie "Carrie" gave me a pretty horrid vision of what to expect if I was an outcast (which I sort of was) and happened to get my period during gym class. And of course, you had the tampon and maxi pad ads that seemed to indicate that by wearing one of these popular company's products (especially if they're scented!) during your period, you will be happier, more popular, and ultimately be able to kick ass playing soccer in your white shorts without embarassment. In fact, it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I was actually introduced to a new way of seeing our menstrual cycles as something to be celebrated, and even honored. It wasn't until my lifestyle shifted and I started meeting like-minded women who felt empowered by their monthly moontime... who felt that their cycles were sacred... that I started to also shift my ideas and feelings surrounding my own Moontime. Our ancestors knew that our blood held power, insights, and gifts which were ours and ours alone. Native Americans created Moon Lodges for females who were bleeding so that they could rest and focus on their dreams, ideas, and messages from Spirit. For an average of four days these women (who usually bled at the same time with the New Moon) did not have to worry about cooking or caring for their children, as the older women who no longer bled would bring them nourishment, and relatives within their tribes would care for their children. The only thing that women in their Moontime needed to concern themselves with is going inward and allowing deeper wisdom and intuition to come. Nowadays, we are made to feel like our periods are something to be laughed about; something disgusting; something that should be hidden. The fact that we should stop the flow of our blood by "plugging it up" with tampons, or collecting our blood in a chemical-filled pad only to be thrown away in the trash, is proof of how far removed many of us have become from Nature and from our own power. Jokes and comments around PMS abound. Most men in our modern day cultures fear our blood, and even we as women have been "trained" to detest our Moontime... to deem it an irritation or a nuisance... Instead of focusing on our pains and allowing ourselves the space to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us, we suppress them with Midol or Pamprin or whichever other drug that will simply make it "go away." We ignore the messages from our bodies urging us to nurture ourselves and honor this sacred time, and so our pains become worse. There are many cultures in which women in their Moontime bleed freely, offering their sacred blood to the Earth. "The plants that are watered with it seem to grow much faster and are much healthier. It is a natural fertilizer. Blood also carries all information about humans and when it is given to Mother Earth she recognizes it and feels nurtured. Just like plants grow better when they are talked to, Mother Earth is happy when women share their fluids with Her." (Kasia Emilia Bogdan - Understandably, many women who read this are not necessarily going to want to begin free-bleeding, or water their plants with their blood, or feel like they can rest for four days while someone else takes care of their children and the cooking and cleaning. I wish it were so, but I realize that these ideas are so foreign to so many women that our generation may never make the collective choice to put these things into practice. Even so, I feel like we can at least begin to honor ourselves by being okay with our Moontime. Allow yourself to feel empowered by your blood; to understand that we are the only species who regularly bleeds in order to cleanse, prepare for new life, and move deeper into our primal rhythms which bring us incredible gifts. Just as it is important that we honor ourselves when our Moontime comes, we should also pave a new path for our daughters, and our granddaughters, and for every girl for generations to come. We should try and be brave, and revere this rite of passage from Maiden to Mother, by celebrating their first Moontime in a way that lets them know that they are experiencing something truly beautiful, powerful, natural, and important. Shame, embarassment, and disregard should never be a part of a young girl's first experience with menstruation, as "(t)he reaction of the parents and people around towards the first menstruation usually shapes the attitude for the rest of the woman's life. If the reaction is one of shame and guilt, which is usually the case in a dominant society, it is probable that a woman will not be happy with her body. It is extremely difficult to erase and transform it into something positive." (Kasia Emilia Bogdan) If you are looking for ways to honor your menses in a more natural way, I highly recommend reading about the Red Tent Temple Movement ( This is a quickly-spreading phenomena where women are supported and accepted by one another, and encouraged to become their best self by recognizing their beauty and power through vulnerability and connection with other women. It may help you to find the inspiration you need to begin your own journey towards honoring your feminine Self. Regarding tools for collecting your monthly blood, if you wish to stop using commercial pads and tampons which contain toxic ingredients, there are more natural options such as the Lunette Menstrual Cup (, and cloth menstrual pads. Not only are these safer and healthier for your body - especially when you are using them in such a sensitive area - but they are much more cost-effective and Earth-friendly because you reuse them! To honor yourself during your Moontime, create a sacred space that is only for you. Light candles, play your favorite music, cook (or have someone cook for you) your favorite meal, have a glass of wine, eat some dark chocolate, read, and just relax. Allow yourself to turn inward; keep a journal nearby to record new ideas, thoughts, fears, or images that come to you. Breathe deeply and relish this time. You are a powerful, emotional, beautiful woman, and you ARE sacred!