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FuzziBunz |  Perfect Absorbency Diapers

Now that our bundles have  more options to choose from you might be wondering which one you should choose? Here is a handy guide to make your bundle selection a little bit easier. 

Choose the ONE SIZE Bundle IF:

  • You prefer organic fibers over synthetic
  • You want the most adjustable diaper for a more custom fit in the legs and waist.
  • You want the softest fleece against your baby's skin - providing the utmost in comfort. 
  • You want a variety of prints and colors

Choose the FIRST YEAR Bundle IF:

  • You are buying diapers for your newborn or a baby who has not arrived yet.
  • You want a trim fitting diaper without a lot of bulk
  • You like the adjustability of our Fantastic Elastic system

Choose the B-SERIES Bundle IF:

  • You are on a tight budget and want the most bang for your buck
  • You are just getting started with cloth diapers and want to try them out
  • You want an easy to use diaper that is cute and affordable