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the fuzzibunz story original inventor of Fuzzibunz

Hi, my name is Tereson Dupuy and this is the story of FuzziBunz Diapers.

When my son Eden was born in 1998 he was the most precious thing in the world to me. I would have gone to any lengths to make sure that he was happy, healthy and many moms would. 

But he was not born a healthy happy baby. Eden had special needs and due to these needs he had a severe bleeding diaper rash. Desperate to make him feel better, I tried CLOTH DIAPERS which I found to be hard to use, expensive, bulky and well...gross. Furthermore, they helped his rash but they did not entirely fix it. 

So I put my thinking cap on and started to experiment with different fabrics until I found one that would keep his bottom dry. Polar fleece worked! Within 24 hours his skin was dry and rash was gone and I had FOUND A SOLUTION to his diaper rash for good! 

FuzziBunz |  Easy To Use Diapers

But...the story does not end there. Little did I realize this solution would also make cloth diapering MUCH EASIER TO USE which in turn would spark a whole modern cloth diaper revolution...and it did! FuzziBunz were the first "pocket cloth diaper" to hit the market and remain unique in it's category today and committed to it's original quality and integrity.

FuzziBunz has seen a lot of success and a lot of challenges over the 18 years we have been in business. I have seen a lot of diapers come and go and have seen the industry change. Yes, I was on Shark Tank, that happened. But what keeps FuzziBunz alive is the lives I have been able to touch with my product and the impact I have been able to make in the world..and I am not done with that yet.

I am not a young mother anymore and my babies are long out of diapers but the motivation to keep making amazing products that parents can rely on that are above and beyond the quality that they expect is what I am personally about. FuzziBunz are near and dear to my heart, they always will be, and I hope they will be dear to you as well. 

FuzziBunz |  Easy To Use Diapers