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We use cloth diapers at home and these fit perfect. The colors/pattern are cute even on our daughter. One thing we look in cloth diapers is the quality of the product and we love it.

Alysha G

FuzziBunz diapers are soft but durable and absorbant. I love the bright, vivid colors. I cloth diaper my son and these will be a welcome addition to our cloth diaper stash!

Candice B

These diapers are my favorite! They're cost effective, and stylish too!! They are so easy to clean up, and I was pleased to find that they don't leak! My daughter is breastfed so her poop is runny, so it's hard to find cloth that's doesn't cause a big disaster! Lol. I would highly recommend these diapers to anyone who is looking for a cheaper way to diaper their baby!

Jalynn R

I ordered the two boys diapers and they are adorable! I wish I could write more about how well they work, but I bought them as a gift. Sorry about the lame review.

Doreen C

These diapers are soft with a fleece lining inside. They come in bright colors and easily adjust to fit babies 10-40 pounds. My son weighs just over 23 pounds and these fit perfect. These are easy to put together with a picket to insert the hemp mix absorbing strip. These are the first cotton diapers I have ever tried, however I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped to be. When my baby got up in morning after wearing approximately 8 hours thru the night he woke up with his clothes wet from diaper over fillling, and we do not have this problem with the current disposable diaper we use.

Chasta H

These are great! They are made from adorable prints, the inserts are super absorbent after only a couple of washes, and they're holding up well to repeated washings. Will definitely be buying more!

Laurie L

I've only used these twice, but like them a lot so far. I love how soft the lining is [although I'm not sure if baby can tell the difference :) ]. It's hard to tell if the adjustable elastic will make the fit work for a smaller baby since there are no rise snaps like other one size cloth diapers [won't be able to test it out until baby #2 comes along] but they fit my 13 month old, 25 pound son well without making any adjustments. The inserts seem very absorbent compared to some others we have. My son went 3 hours without any leaks, which is really good for us - usually we have to add extra inserts to make it that long! Overall, we like them!

Sara P

Not my favorite cloth diapers. While the insert is excellent and the lining of the diaper is very soft, the crotch is too wide and the rump is too bulky. My baby is smaller than average, but other cloth diapers fit him better. The quality is excellent though.

Brittany M

Fantastic product! I'm keeping one for my son and passing one on to a friend. The fit is much better on gin than anything else we've tried. Can't wait to see them both otb!

Demelza J

The diapers are very well made. The inserts are absolutely wonderful very absorbent and trim. The cloth diaper fits great on my little one. I would highly recommend these!

Rachel J

fast shipping. Love the pattern and quality of the cloth diapers. Can wait to use it on my newborn. Great packing. Would buy again.

Michael V

Very fun to have. I wish I could have one earlier when my older one was in the diaper dialogue. It is nice to carry something that's environmental friendly.

Huajuan N

Diapers are really good and adjustable elastic is awesome. I managed to adjust it to fit my baby perfectly. I am a little disappointed with polyester fleece as lining - and that was not stated in description. I would prefer something natural like cotton/hemp.

Irina D