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FuzziBunz | Perfect Size Diapers


FuzziBunz have been around for almost 20 years and we have listened to A LOT of cloth diapering parents. One of the biggest complaints we have seen over the years, has been seam leakage, which we will admit is quite frustrating for all parties involved, including us. 

To combat this problem once and for all we had to take a holistic approach. After a year of testing different techniques, we were able to refine 3 POINTS of the product to help contain leaks better. While we cannot disclose exactly what we did, we can tell you HOW it effects our diapers and what these three areas are. 

SEAMS - Our seams are now reinforced with new technology that can better repel wetness from oversaturated inserts coming through the seams.  

INSERT - Our organic hemp/cotton inserts are now pre-prepped and pre-shrunk prior to sewing to avoid any abnormalities in shrinkage that can occur with natural fibers causing improper coverage which can lead to leaking.

OUTER COVER - As an added precaution, we have added an additional treatment to our cover fabric to make it more water resistant and further protect against any wicking or leaking.

While we still recommend the use of extra inserts or diaper doublers to best guarantee against leaks, our new 3P Leak Protection should allow you the confidence you would expect from a FuzziBunz product making your cloth diapering experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible!