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FuzziBunz | Perfect Size Diapers

Every now and again diapers need to be stripped of residue that may accumulate on the fibers. This can be caused from detergents, hard water or other deposits that may build up from time to time. It is good practice to do this every now and then to keep your diapers in tip top condition. Following is an easy way to strip your diapers and get them working as they should. 

1) Start with clean diapers

2) For top loaders, fill your washing machine to the max with hot water. For HE front-loaders, I recommend stripping in your bathtub or in a large, clean receptacle like a garbage bin.

3) Drop 4 - 5 Tablespoons of Oxo-Brite (or OxiClean) into the water, add your diapers, and allow the washing machine to begin agitating (or agitate the diapers manually with your hands, enough to work the solution into the diapers).

4) Allow the diapers to agitate for a couple of minutes, then stop the cycle and close the lid to keep the heat in (or simply let the diapers rest in the water if you are stripping them in your tub/receptacle).

5) Let the diapers soak for at least 6 hours, up to overnight.

6) Drain the tub, and transfer the diapers to your washing machine. Run one or two full hot wash cycles with no detergent.

7) Dry on low heat or hang to dry.