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How to Adjust Your FuzziBunz® Adjustable Diaper

How do you adjust the FuzziBunz One Size adjustable diaper? In the pocket of your diaper (between the lining and outer shell) you’ll find adjustment buttons in the following locations:

  • 1 button on each side of the waistband (2)
  • 1 button on each side of the legs in front of the pocket (2)
  • 1 button on each side of the legs in back of the pocket (2)


The elastic attaches to the adjustment buttons in these 6 locations.

You will only need to adjust the elastic in the waist and on the backside of the pocket in the legs. Once you have an idea of how much you need to pull in or let out the diaper to achieve a custom fit for your baby, un-attach the elastic from the button, pull or let out to the desired length, and reattach to the button. This system makes it easy to replace the elastic if it ever wears out. No sewing required.


To adjust for size, use the following settings - then adjust further according to your baby’s needs:

Small: Waist 4; Leg 7
Medium: Waist 3; Leg 5
Large: Waist 3; Leg 2