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FuzziBunz |  Eco-Friendly Diapers

It didn't take more than five years for a product called "Pampers" to take over the diaper market with their revolutionary new product that would eliminate washing diapers and give the new modern era of working moms the freedom that they didn't even know they were seeking. 

In only 50 years we have succeeded in contributing an incredible amount of useless garbage into our landfills, not to mention the fecal matter which the EPA has deemed unfit for landfills. It is estimated that 84 MILLION POUNDS of fecal matter makes it's way into our landfills each year from disposable diapers. Now THAT is one big load of crap! 

To make matters worse, it takes those diapers 500 years to decompose. So by the time our children's, children's, children's, children are born, that diaper that was used today will still be sitting there. 

FuzziBunz |  Adjustable Cloth Diapers


Disposable diapers are the number 3 perpetrator in our global garbage crisis, just behind plastic food containers and plastic bags. 

So WHY is this so ok with so many people? We reuse our water bottles (hopefully), and we bring our grocery bags to the grocery...and if we forget them, we use paper. Some states have outlawed the use of plastic bags entirely. 

Where is the action being taken against disposable diapers? 

Yes, cloth diapers are easy enough to use at home, but not enough people are using them to effect real change. That must change, and that change must start with us, the ones that care about our planet, our babies, and our futures. The ones that need to use our voices and our actions to make a difference. The ones that are brave enough to do something different.

We must, as a collective, be willing to go to any lengths (or at least some lengths) to make a dent. A dent can turn into a hole, a hole a crater and maybe one day...hopefully before it is too late we can affect change in our planet. But it starts with us.