FuzziBunz |  Easy To Use Diapers


We know! You are afraid that using cloth diapers will be too much work. Well let us shed some light on things for you...BABIES are a lot of work! BUT using cloth diapers doesn't have to be.

FuzziBunz was created 20 years ago by a mom that wanted a better diaper for her son that would keep his skin dry and rash free AND be EASY to use!! One mom was fed up with "old fashioned" ways of doing things and wanted an easier softer way, literally. 

Using FuzziBunz is just as easy to use as a disposable diaper, it is true. PLUS the perks...there are so many advantages over disposables, let us count the ways.

But you are here for us to put your mind at ease that if you invest in FuzziBunz you will be happy, so here it is some honesty.

Yes - you will have to fool with poop....you have a baby!! No getting around that I am afraid. But with FuzziBunz you won't have it sitting in a garbage can stinking for days, it will be in the toilet and the sewage where it belongs, not in your baby's room. Gross!  

When your baby poops all you will do is plop those turds into the toilet and store the diapers in a basket or a bin, just like you will do the rest of their laundry that they regurgitate on, and throw them in the washer and dryer. Nice, fresh, clean, chemical free cloth diapers to put on your lovable little bundle. 

What if it's the gooey kind? Don't worry about that either, that comes off easily in a soak cycle in the washing machine. We aren't living in 1920's with a washboard and clothesline. Let your washer do the work, you don't have to! 

Cloth diapering using FuzziBunz is the most luxurious, easy and rewarding way to diaper your baby and you will fall in love with cloth diapering AND FuzziBunz! So FEAR NOT the FuzziBunz...become a FuzziBunz family today.