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FuzziBunz | Modern Cloth Diapers

Is cloth diapering difficult?

NO! Not at all. Modern cloth diapers were designed by a mom just like you to make cloth diapering easy, enjoyable and better for her baby. 

What do I do with the poop?

Be not afraid of the poop! All you need to do is plop the solids in the toilet (where it belongs) and wash your diapers like you would a normal load of laundry. Essentially you will let your washer do all of the work. Thank God for that...right??!

What are pocket diapers?

Pocket Diapers are cloth diapers that have a super soft polar fleece stay dry lining that keeps babies drier and makes messes easier to clean! An absorbent insert goes into the "pocket" and comes out for easy washing and drying. FuzziBunz INVENTED the modern cloth pocket diaper in 1999. 

What's a One Size diaper?

One Size cloth diapers are cloth diapers that are supposed to last from newborn to potty training. They usually adjust through 3 rows of snaps down the front of the diaper (not FuzziBunz). FuzziBunz adjusts through internal leg & waist elastic that is replaceable as well JUST IN CASE the elastic wears out before your baby potty trains. It happens - we have a solution. 

What detergent do I need to use? 

We recommend investing in a good quality detergent such as Allan's Naturally, E-Cover, 7th Generation or Rockin' Green. Mainstream detergents such as Arm & Hammer Free work well too. 

How many do I need to diaper full time?

We recommend between 18-24 on the low end and 36 on the higher end to diaper a baby full time and wash every other day. 

Will daycare take them?

Daycares may tell you that they do not allow cloth diapers...however, this is due to lack of information. There are no health regulations preventing daycares from allowing cloth diapers. What you must provide is a zipper bag for holding the diapers until you pick them up and a little bit of education as to how to use them. The diapers do need to be labeled with your baby's name. Even if your child is in daycare, cloth diapering part-time (nights, weekends etc) is still better than not cloth diapering at all.