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FuzziBunz | Perfect Size Diapers
FuzziBunz are POCKET DIAPERS. What is a "pocket diaper" you might ask? It is a diaper that keeps your baby dry with a layer of polar fleece next to the skin. An insert is placed in a pocket in the back to absorb wetness and a waterproof coating prevents leaks.
 Why the pocket? Very simple. To sew enough layers together to absorb enough AND have a stay dry layer would simply NOT get clean! 

FuzziBunz cloth diapers (the original pocket diaper) were designed to keep a baby dry and comfortable. You can customize absorbency by adding more inserts AND they wash and dry quickly, easily and thoroughly. 

Pocket diapers are the most popular type of diapers sold today for a reason, parent's love them.
FuzziBunz |  Affordable Cloth Diapers