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Washing & Care Instructions

FuzziBunz are easy to use and easy to wash at home! Following our suggestions for washing will help to not only clean your diapers correctly but prolong their life and prevent problems in the future. 


Start your wash routine with the correct detergent.  It is SO worth it to invest in a detergent that is safe for pocket diapers (not to be confused with cloth diapers – cotton acts differently than polyester).

No. 1 Recommended Brands:
Use either FuzziBunz Detergent, Rockin Green or Allens Naturally. 

No 2. Recommended Brands:
More mainstream store brands would be 7th Generation, and Ecover.

No. 3 Recommended Brands:
Even more mainstream than that would be Tide Free and Arm & Hammer Free.  But beware of store brands – use only ¼ of the recommended amounts of mainstream detergents as many of them include a lot of wax and you want to prevent this from happening.


There is no need to use fabric softeners for cloth diapers.  If you do this, repelling can occur.  But what is not common knowledge is that if you use softeners or dryer sheets on your other clothing – it can still get onto your diapers.  So if you need to use a softener use it in the wash, not the dryer and do a vinegar rinse cycle to clear out any left over softener before washing your diapers.  Stay away from dryer sheets altogether.


FuzziBunz were created to prevent diaper rash – so full time use of pockets is the best way to prevent it.  But if your baby does get a rash, do not use a pocket and diaper cream or you will never get it out.  What you can do is make a paste of a corn starch / zinc oxide based powder and apply that to the skin.  It will help the rash and not ruin your diapers.


There seems to be a different wash routine for just about every brand of diaper and ever diaper user seems to have their own “secret” to preventing smell, getting diapers clean or removing residue.  There is NO need for any of these things.  Borax, baking soda, vinegar, tea tree oil, Oxiclean and the list could go on and on and on.  Wash FuzziBunz with the recommended detergent and none of the other stuff should be needed.


The exception to the rule above is if you have hard water.  Even if you don’t, using a mild water softener like Calgon to the wash is a good way of preventing buildup from happening.  You can also use Rocking Green “Hard Rock” to help prevent build up.


For best results, use FuzziBunz® branded products when washing your diapers and accessories.  All FuzziBunz® products are machine washable and dryable.  Following are laundering tips that will help you keep your diapers clean and fresh:

  • Use your FuzziBunz diaper sprayer to remove solids as soon as possible after changing.
  • Wash as soon as is practical.  Every other day is a good rule-of-thumb.
  • Use a full cycle which includes pre-wash and extra-rinse.  Short cycles will give your diaper the appearance of being clean, but the special fibers used in the diapers may still hold waste.
  • Wash with Hot water and use FuzziBunz® brand or other approved cleaning products.  DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENERS, OILS, BLEACH OR LAUNDRY DETERGENT CONTAINING WAXES AND/OR OIL.  Bleach can be used on inserts only.  If using bleach, wash diapers and inserts separately.
  • You can tumble dry your diapers and inserts together on Low Heat.  DO NOT USE DRYER SHEETS The diapers will be dry sooner than the inserts and should be taken out when dry.  Inserts alone can be dried on Medium Heat.  Dry the inserts thoroughly!  Line drying in sunlight is a very good way to dry diapers and inserts.