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Customer Care

Care & Use Instructions

for your FuzziBunz® Diapers


Washing Instructions

For best results, use FuzziBunz® branded products when washing your diapers and accessories.  All FuzziBunz® products are machine washable and dryable.  Following are laundering tips that will help you keep your diapers clean and fresh:

  • Use your FuzziBunz diaper sprayer to remove solids as soon as possible after changing.
  • Wash as soon as is practical.  Every other day is a good rule-of-thumb.
  • Use a full cycle which includes pre-wash and extra-rinse.  Short cycles will give your diaper the appearance of being clean, but the special fibers used in the diapers may still hold waste.
  • Wash with Hot water and use FuzziBunz® brand or other approved cleaning products.  DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENERS, OILS, BLEACH OR LAUNDRY DETERGENT CONTAINING WAXES AND/OR OIL.  Bleach can be used on inserts only.  If using bleach, wash diapers and inserts separately.
  • You can tumble dry your diapers and inserts together on Low Heat.  DO NOT USE DRYER SHEETS The diapers will be dry sooner than the inserts and should be taken out when dry.  Inserts alone can be dried on Medium Heat.  Dry the inserts thoroughly!  Line drying in sunlight is a very good way to dry diapers and inserts.

Other Do’s and Don’ts

  • Lotions, creams and powders can adversely affect the ability of the fleece to pass liquid through to the absorbent material.  If using any of these, it is highly recommended you use a disposable “stay-dry” liner between the diaper’s fleece liner and the baby.  Corn starch and zinc-oxide based powders without oils or lotions will wash out and are safe to use.
  • Colorfast is a relative term when used with fabric dyes.  It is ALWAYS good practice to wash colors and whites separately.  This is especially important with bright red dyed fabrics.  After several washings, the free dye will be substantially gone and the risk of bleeding will be greatly diminished.

 When washed according to the Care & Use Instructions, we Guarantee that you will successfully tint your husband’s underwear and any other white fabric when first washing with our Candy Apple Red and other brightly colored diapers and/or accessories.  You will have limited results with successive washings.

  • Line-dry your diapers in sunlight whenever practical.  Even if you machine-dry your diapers, exposure to sunlight will help sanitize and reduce odors.


Stripping Instructions

  1. Start with clean diapers.
  2. For top loaders, fill up the washing machine with hot water (up to 145°F safely) and 4 - 5 Tablespoons of OxiClean (or similar product). If you only have an HE front loader, I would suggest stripping the diapers in the bathtub or a large, clean receptacle (like a new or well-cleaned trash can) to allow for the maximum soak time.
  3. Once the OxiClean is dissolved in the hot water, add the diapers.
  4. Allow the machine to begin agitating (or, if stripping in the bathtub, etc. agitate with your hands). Let the diapers agitate in the solution for a minute or two, then stop the cycle.
  5.  Let the diapers soak in the hot water/product anywhere from 6 hours to overnight (the longer the better).
  6.  When the soaking is complete, let the machine finish up the wash cycle (or transfer the diapers to the washing machine), then run a full cold wash/rinse cycle to ensure thorough removal of all product, build-up, and residues.
  7.  Hang the diapers to dry out in the sun, or dry in the dryer on low heat.

For additional advice, contact your FuzziBunz® retailer or FuzziBunz® Customer Support online.